How to Organize Messy Computer Table

Whether you are a student, a busy office worker or even a working from home Mom, keeping tidy your messy computer table top becomes nuisance. Often the first target of a mess is the computer table.

Here are some tips on how to organize messy computer table.

-If you have old magazines or newspapers lying around, use them as extra protection between the keyboard and desk top when pressing keys near edge of desk top. This will prevent keys from getting dirt, dust or other crumbs in it.
-Wipe down dusty areas where there is not enough room for things to stay put.
Another big problem for computer table is a lots of wires and cord that are inevitable when you have installed a lot of latest gadgets in your home office or work place.

-If you have a lot of gadget, start by identifying the “tangle makers”. Wires and cords that are “tangle makers” are those that connect different devices from one another. These wires can be hidden in drawer or be placed under table to keep computer table top clean and tidy.
-Another way to hide cords on computer table is to shorten cables as much as possible by replacing longer cords with short ones in the same category of device. For example, you use one long USB cord to connect your printer and scanner, make it shorter by using two USB short wires to connect both devices.
But stay here, we have a really handy solution for cables, wires and cord organizing. simply use our top quality Silicone Cord Organizer Holder,  this cord organizer is made of high quality Silicone cord that will help to keep cords or wires organized and tidy. For added convenience, it has a sticky tab on the bottom to stick it on the wall or table.
Due to its small size, this Cord Organizer is very handy for travel, office and home use. It fits perfectly into your laptop bag or briefcase
The top of desk is the main work area for a computer user. The top of table is also where you need to be able to see things clearly and stay focused while working on jobs throughout the day. We have a very straightforward solution that can help you keep your computer top free of clutter: A Clutter Free Computer Table Top Cover .
At the same time, these tiny self adhesive cord organizer are really affordable and you could keep some of them on your desk for extra storage. Perfect for holding earphones, USB cords, power cords or any other things that you need to organize
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