Home Improvement with Affordable Items

There are a lot of things to do when moving to a new home or renovating an exiting one. From getting the house organized, to painting the walls, or buying new furniture. The trick is to buy home improvement items that are affordable. That way you will be able to work on one project at a time, without having to withdraw your savings account in order to buy all of the supplies.

This list includes items like plant pots, light fixtures, wall mounted toothpaste dispenser and chalkboard paint that are relatively inexpensive and can have a major impact on your home decor.

1. Plant pots – add a new dimension to your home if you bring some greenery inside it. You can make your own style of planting pot by using an old cookie tin and planting tropical plants in it. You can also try the ones that are made of concrete and have a beautiful shape and design to them. You can also fill the old cookie tins with soil, add a couple of succulents and place them on the windowsill to create a modern look. Above all you can find very useful Gardening accessories liken planting bags to grow any plant with ease.

  1. Light fixtures – change all of your wall lighting fixtures if you feel like they are not in the right place or you don’t like their appearance anymore. Use smart switch for better functionality and add a modern touch to your home.
  2. Wall mounted toothpaste dispensers – if you are a fan of variety in your bathroom then you definitely need to buy this. It looks great and is very functional. You can also use them as decorative items inside the kitchen or bathroom, to give an industrial touch to your spaces.
  3. Chalkboard paint – set up a small office in one of the spare rooms and then turn it into a chalkboard room by painting it in chalkboard paint color(s) of your choice with cool graphics printed on it as well for those who are really into art and want the house to look more like a gallery or an artist’s studio.
  4. Folding Laundry baskets & Storage bags – always a good thing to save some money, the folding laundry baskets and storage bags are a must have for every modern and stylish household. They offer great functionality to store your stuff while keeping them organized.
  5. Modern shelves – add some extra storage space inside your kitchen by installing a few modern cabinets on the walls. The best part is that they are easily movable or completely removable, so you can adjust them according to your needs anytime during the year. You can also organize them in order to create different sections for various pantry items or other kitchen necessities like spices or pots and pans.
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