Why Fruit Infuser Water Bottles Are Getting More Popular?

Water is so good for you, but if you’re like me, it’s a bit boring. Sure, people have been adding lemon and lime to their H2O for centuries now, but we’ve got more options today than ever before! Infuser water bottles are great because they let you use whatever fruits and vegetables (or even tea bags) that you want to flavor your drink. Take a look at some of our suggestions below — they’re perfect if you want to add some creativity to your water!

Step 1: Pick out your fruit or vegetable
There are tons of options out there — think about what flavors work best with the one or two ingredients that strike your fancy. For example, it might sound strange at first, but I love a watermelon water bottle. The watermelon and mint combination is so good!

Step 2: Put your fruit or vegetable in the infuser basket

I’d love to see you try a pineapple bottle. They’re delicious! Just cut up the top and then put all of the pieces in the infuser basket. You’ll be drinking fresh pineapple juice from your favorite fruit infused water bottle without any hassle! Sounds great to me.

Step 3: Add ice to your drink If you want to make your new infusion bottle even better, add a few ice cubes as well. I know they say it’s okay to leave them out, but at the end of the day, that water bottle is going to go through a lot of use and it’s nice to have something cold in there for when you get thirsty.

These are just four suggestions I’ve personally tried — there are so many other great fruits and vegetables that you could try! Think about all of your favorite childhood fruits and veggies, too. That way, when you see a fruit infuser water bottle in your local store that might fit your needs, you’ll know exactly what ingredients that item uses.

Last but not least, try to get a BPA fruit infuser water bottles or a stainless steel fruit infuser water bottles. They tend to be slightly pricier, but are much more durable — and you’ll never have to worry about the plastic leaching chemicals into your drink.

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