Most In Demand Kitchen Tools

Previously, the wooden spoon was the most crucial kitchen tool. Today, however, chefs and foodies are using all sorts of equipment that would have been unthinkable only a decade ago.

In today’s culinary landscape, a spatula is more valuable than a knife because it can be used for flipping eggs and meats in pan without destroying the shape of the food. Likewise, fish spatulas are great for flipping delicate fish fillets without making any tears or holes in them because their flexible head allows you to flip from both sides effectively.

Modern inexpensive tools and gadgets are like the Swiss Army knife for the kitchen. These tools are multipurpose and can do everything from chopping to, mixing, grating and peeling. Therefore, you don’t have to go around looking for knives or other utensils in your kitchen which contribute to the clutter.

Here are some of the popular cooking tools that have become essential kitchen items in today’s home cooking scene.

Paring Knife: Paring knives are used for cutting fruits or vegetables into small pieces or carving designs into fruits. They are usually made with a blade that is only 6-8 inches long with handles that range from 2-5 inches long depending on how skilled you are with them.
Towel Clips: These are actually called tongs but they are used for holding or pulling food items. Towel clips come in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs.

Cling Sheets: These are formed in circular sheets that can be used to line baking pans to prevent the contents from leaking out while baking. They also help you to lift large items like cookies off the wax paper because the edges of the sheets help you to hold onto them without tearing down your hands.
Ice Cream Scoop: These are used to take out the ice cream from the mold and transfer it into a cup or bowl. Moreover, they are also used for making ice cream sandwiches and scooping up frosty deserts.

Vegetable Chopper: This tool is used to slice, chop, grate and dice vegetables, fruits and herbs. It is long enough to reach all parts of a vegetable so you can be sure that it gets every piece of its core that needs to be chopped.

Mortar & Pestle: The mortar or pestle is a hand tool that is used for crushing powdered ingredients into a fine powder.

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