What you need for camping trip: Camping Essential Checklist

Camping is one of the most enjoyable activities to do with your friends and family, but before you go on your trip, it pays to take a look at what you’ll need.

This list has everything you need for a camping trip from tents to coolers.

Tents: It might be obvious, but you’re going to need a tent if you want to sleep while on your trip. A good tent will protect you from the elements and keep you warm at night, so it’s essential. Make sure that everyone has their own sleeping bag, too, because making sure there is enough room for everyone is important. If there are people who don’t like sleeping on a big bed, you may want to consider bringing cots or air mattresses.
Sleeping Bags should be foldable and easy to carry and waterproof. Emergency Thermal Sleeping Bag can serve best for the purpose .
Clothing : People will definitely need clothing for the trip to keep warm, even when it’s not cold. Here’s a list of what you’ll need depending on the weather:
T-Shirts: It should be a long sleeve to protect you from sun exposure and wind.
Warm pants/Pyjamas/Sleeveless Trousers: Those are the more casual clothes and they’re made of thick material. They can also be worn over a sleeping bag if you don’t like sleeping in your underwear, especially if you’re going to sleep cold.
You need some BPA free water bottles for your camping trip. Water bottles should be light weight and BPA free. Check some of the best collection here
Woolen Caps and Gloves: These are very useful when it’s cold. It can also protect the head and hands against the sun.
Shorts: To protect your legs from sun exposure, you should wear long trousers like this .
Sweaters/T-Shirts: What you’ll need really depends on the weather, but you should bring something to keep you warm at night.
If you want to swim after a day of hiking or simply having fun, then swimsuits will be essential.
Raincoats : This is an essential part of your trip especially if it’s going to rain while you are on your trip. If not, maybe not.

Camping lights or USB rechargeable bulbs is an essential camping items. Portable bulbs or hooked bulbs can be found in various designs and styles.

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