Best Camping Lights, Portable Lights to Use this Camping season

Preparing for camping trip should start weeks before so start gathering all the necessary stuffs like tents, sleeping bags, chairs, table and other materials needed for camping trip.

Campsite should be clean and away from the main road, it should have fresh water sources like rivers or stream.

Properly dispose of your garbage and food as not to attract wild animals.

It’s always good to take plenty of extra clothes with you just in case it rains or get cold on night. Usually take at least 2 warm sweaters, 3 pairs of warm socks, a spare fully packed rain coat and a hat too. If you know there could be snowfall then pack some ski clothes along with you.

When you set out for camping trip the first & foremost thing to keep in mind is safety, darkness can be a time of fear for some so it is important to stay safe. Safety starts with the light you bring into the woods. You need a way to see your camp site, cooking area and other areas around your campsite as well.

In this post you will find reviews about various kinds of camping lights that would be perfect for your next camping trip.

Camping Light should be light weight, easy to carry and and rechargeable.

The rechargeable tent lights are a very good idea, you don’t have to carry heavy battery’s anymore. I prefer the light weight solar rechargeable lights.

Camping light should be bright enough for you to see your way around the campsite and should not dazzle your eyes. For this purpose modern LED solar rechargeable tent lights are best as it has a low power consumption of 5-6 watts and gives off relatively more light.

Solar powered lights uses solar energy to charge its battery, as solar energy is considered free renewable source of energy. And the fact that it’s environmental friendly. Solar Powered Camping Lights can be charged during daytime and used at night, and can be used for more than a month while not in use. Which makes it a perfect choice for camping trip?

The brightness and power of the light depends on the model but generally 7-7.5 watts LED lights are enough to light up your campsite while cooking, setting up tents or other activities where you need to see your way in darkness or dimly lit area.

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