How to Prevent Mosquito in this Summer

Summer season have its own charm and beauty with its cool mornings and pleasant evenings after a long hot days. However, there certain troubles associated with summer nights i-e mosquito. Mosquitoes may cause annoyance and itching when it stings on the skin. Moreover, mosquitoes spread deadly diseases such as Malaria, West Nile virus, Dengue fever and Zika virus.

Over the last decade Dengue fever caused more than 390 million Dengue cases in the world resulting in about 12,500 deaths per year. Dengue fever is a risk wherever mosquito could find their food source which is human blood and they can breed during rainy season also.
So in order to prevent mosquito biting and to enjoy summer nights, here are few tips to be followed: 1 . Apply Anti-Mosquito Lotion on Your Body   Use of anti-mosquito lotions increase the time between exposure to mosquitoes and also protect you from mosquito bites. But while using anti-mosquito lotions one should apply to your skin before going out and it should be freshly applied all the time for better results.
Keeping mosquitos off is just as important as eradicating them in areas where they can breed. All too often, residences and even businesses unknowingly become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Controlling the mosquito population in your own backyard is a step you can take to reduce your risk of contracting diseases like Zika, Dengue fever and West Nile virus.

There are some useful tips to control mosquito population in your home:
Mosquito repellant creams are simple and easy to use but give only partial protection.

  • Use mosquito repellent while going out during nights.
  • Use chemical-free mosquito-killing devices
  • Prevent water from accumulating and stagnating in containers like pots and vases as mosquitoes can breed in such places too.
  • Keep your backyard clean by removing the debris where water can accumulate for long time periods of time.
  • Install window screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering into your house through open windows or doors that have no screens installed on them.
  • Use dippers to clean your pool to ensure that no mosquitoes can enter your pool.
  • Put some plants and flowers in your backyard to cover up the possible mosquito breeding sites like containers filled with water, metal containers etc.
  • You can apply mosquito repellent creams and also spray those areas where you have gaps in your window screens. 
  • If only single window in your house is left open at night, it should only be opened up for a few minutes or when going outside to take a short stroll for fresh air.
  • As early as possible try to get rid of stagnant water (e.g. pots of standing water) around the home as mosquitoes congregate around them and breed there too.
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