How Anti-mosquito Repellent Lamp Do Work?

Mosquitoes are pretty pesky insects and can be quite a nuisance when they fly around your head. They’re also responsible for spreading many diseases, including malaria, West Nile virus, and the Zika virus. And while there are plenty of ways to repel these annoying pests — everything from citronella candles to bug zappers — you might be wondering how an anti-mosquito repellent lamp works. If so, keep reading!

An anti-mosquito repellent lamp emits UV rays that mimic sunlight. This causes females mosquitoes to go off course and not find any humans nearby in which to feed. The idea is that female mosquitoes will prefer the fake sunlight over our actual heat …and ‘she’ will then find a tree, bush, or other surface to have her babies — where they can’t get to us.

These repellent lamps were invented by a British inventor named David Edwards. He was motivated to create a product that would protect his family and friends from the mosquitoes in his neighborhood when they gathered in his backyard. As of this writing, there are around 20 different versions of anti-mosquito repellent lamps on the market …but they all work largely the same way: by giving off heat and light similar to that of the sun.

There may be some health benefits to using an anti-mosquito lamp as well. It has been said that the UV rays emitted can sterilize the air around it, as well as kill any bacteria that might be present. So, while this is still in the testing phase, you may give it a try if you are looking for that extra measure of protection.

There are also some anti-mosquito gadgets on the market that don’t rely on UV light. One example is a USB-charged, portable device called the Kite Patch. It sends out a signal that attracts mosquitoes to it instead of your body — so you’re protected from bites while you wear it.

Another option is a device called Off! Clip On. Similar to the Kite Patch, this gadget uses an ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes — but in this case, it then releases a repellent that wards off the pests before they have a chance to bite you or any other human nearby.

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