Drawing & Art Activities for Kids

Whether you have kids of your own or are just looking to entertain someone else’s, these activities prove that the world of art offers plenty of ways for children to learn and grow.

Drawing and art activities for kids can help children develop skills throughout developmental stages. This is because art — through its exploration and creation — raises many questions about what is real, what has value, what connects us to others in our community, and more. Making art is fun, sure, but it also can be meaningful.

To help you find the right activity for your child, we’ve categorized our favorite drawing and art activities for kids into a few different sections. Check out the activities that match your child’s skills and interests.

Young Children: from Birth to Age 3

These drawing and art activities for kids are designed to develop a wide range of skills — from eye-hand coordination to understanding color. These early experiences will set the stage for all future artistic learning.

  1. Scribble and create: It’s a natural instinct for babies and young children to scribble on paper or any other surface that is accessible. Your child will be drawn toward art, and there’s no wrong way to go about the process. If your child wants to scribble with crayons, go for it! If she prefers finger painting, enjoy the mess. Most importantly, don’t worry if your child doesn’t draw an animal or person — these early drawings are informal and full of mistakes.
  2. Play with clay: Young children can have great fun using their hands (and fingers!) to make marks in wet clay.

There are many activities you can do with your young child to help them develop their artistic abilities. Art activities for young children can be fun and engaging, making the learning process easy and enjoyable for both parent and child.

Young children learn better through play, so doing a variety of art projects that involve a variety of mediums will help to expand their understanding of the world around them. It is important for parents to guide your little one at first, but eventually you’ll want to encourage them on their own when they have mastered the skills involved in specific mediums.

Art is a wonderful way to introduce your child to other cultures and races. Learning about different people in the world can help your children understand that all people are different and have their own unique way of doing things. Introduce your child to art by encouraging them to recreate a piece from a culture that they do not know very well.

Lastly, art activities for young children help them to learn how to focus on one thing at a time. Working on art not only teaches them how to follow instructions, but it also teaches them patience. It may be difficult at first for young children, but over time they will gain the ability to sit for longer periods of time while focusing on one task at hand, such as painting or coloring.

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