How Digital Art Supplies Helping Kids to Learn Art

Art supplies  are essential for kids to develop their creativity and go from being an artist to a creator. Ink colors, paint, brushes, clay and other physical materials help kids learn the basics of art-making that will carry over into adulthood. But these supplies can also be expensive and time-consuming to buy. Thankfully, there are a variety of digital art supplies that make it easy for kids to create professional-quality artwork without the mess.

Digital art can be installed on any computer or devices with screens: tablets, smartphones, laptops or desktops). For instance, AU Lab’s StoryBoard Artist is an affordable software program for Windows or Mac computers that allows young children to use graphics software like a pro with no previous training necessary.

Here we are going to share a few very useful digital supplies that affordable as well as unique. So be sure to check them out!

Artboard Artist – AU Lab StoryBoard Artist is an art software program that allows kids to create a storyboard using pencils, markers and chalk. It lets them use any kind of drawing tools and then add layers, images and text. Kids can import photos from their digital camera or computer. Artboard Artist helps children express their creativity by allowing them to draw their characters, set up scenes and add words. The program comes with a free trial version for kids which lets you create 15 pages. You can also buy the entire StoryBoard product for $49.

Optical Drawing Board – Optical Drawing Board is a new application that enables kids to create their own comic books. Comic books are an effective way for young children to strengthen their writing skills, develop artistic talent and increase their reading comprehension. Optical Drawing Board is easy to use. Kids can choose from the preloaded starter images or it can be customized.

3D Art Pen is an innovative art supply that can be used by young children to draw, write or doodle. This pen has three-dimensional ink and kids can select from the included 3D paper to make their art stand out. The pen comes with a free online tutorial that teaches kids how to use the art supply. This is a great digital art for young learners who are ready to move on to colored pencils.

How Sticker Storybook Work

Sticker Storybook and Optic Drawingboard provide endless creative options for young children. They can draw with the sticker pens, write with text elements, color their own backgrounds or create more complex drawings and scenes using layers and effects tools.

Drawing Supplies – If for some reason you are motivated to buy drawing supplies in the physical world, then you should consider buying them online at Best Choice Products website because they offer amazing art supplies such as markers, paint sets and brushes at a fraction of the price of department stores.

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