Best Ways to Organize Cables, Cords, Everywhere

Wires, cables and cords are widely used everywhere in office home and other working places. The problem is, the longer and tangled they are, the more difficult it becomes to work. If left unattended or untidy for a long time, these wires can be detrimental to your health. Research shows that cables can cause back pain due to prolonged bending of the body posture when fixing or using them.

If you want to organize cables in office home or anywhere else for that matter, you need to know how!

In this post, we will share some quick tips on how you can organize all those pesky wires. We also have listed out our favorite tools which should be helpful for your task too! With these simple steps you can have organized and clutter-free cables in no time.

If you are working in office you might have a desktop computer and other accessories like mouse, keypad, printer and so on.

Here is a picture of my desk at home:

Cables are everywhere! On the computer, power points, power strips, printers, mouse and keyboard cords. Most of the time these cords are tangled or in different bundles and it becomes difficult to work with them. scanner

In order to manage these tangled cables, you need try a tiny wonderful fixture accessory “cord organizer” in your home or office.

Cord organizers are great to not just keep the cables out of sight but also help you manage your cables better. A lot of people use zip ties to bundle and organize these troublesome wires but they tend to break easily and are difficult to manage.

Here is a picture of Donut Cord Organizer which has made my life easier! It can be used for managing phone charger, iPod charger, mouse, keyboard etc. This is one of my favorite tool which has really helped me maintain order around the computer area.

Our best collection of cord Organizer can easily be installed with stickable tabs or screws. If you don’t want to damage your furniture with sticky tabs, you can use screws to install these cord organizers.
Every home and office would be benefited from our Cord Organizers! They are durable and reusable, so keep coming back for more (and if you see something that doesn’t make the cut contact us!) cord organizer kit

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