Why You Should Hang Birder Feeder Around The House

A little bit of bird feed in your backyard can go a long way and lead to some fun interactions with our feathered friends. Besides the wildlife benefits, hanging a bird feeder in your yard is one of the best ways to make sure that you have plenty of entertainment during those cold winter months.

Hanging a bird feeder around the house is something that everyone should try. You’ll likely be rewarded with hours of free entertainment while getting a closer look at some animals from the comfort of your own home! Not only will you be able to enjoy watching all sorts of birds, but there are also squirrels that frequent this type of food, as well as occasional visits from deer and even foxes.

Birdfeeder can be made at home on a small budget. You can build your feeder with a few simple supplies and spend less than $10 for the project. In fact, you can make your own feeder in just a few hours.

If you don’t want to spend time on making it yourself you can buy your feeder ready-made and take advantage of the wildlife and the great views. Here are some types of feeders:

Platform feeder: open suspended feeders. This type is suitable for attracting a large number of species of birds, because the food is always exposed to a variety of weather conditions. Attracted to this type of feeder from the ground may be perching birds or those who fly over them. Among these we can highlight sparrows and pigeons . In addition, you can attract local squirrels if you place the platform feeder in high trees or on high platforms.

Tube feeder : These have openings at both ends and they can be placed on branches, poles or hooks. They allow you to attract birds that eat a smaller amount than those with a larger body

Many people like to hang their feeders on poles, but they may not be strong enough to withstand very heavy squirrels eating from them. Unless you have several different birdfeeders for different species, it is a good idea to hang your feeder as high as possible. The higher the better!

If you run out of ideas when trying to find a place to hang your birdfeeder, try using the back of an old garage door! Just attach some brackets with screws into one side of the door so that it can be swung close to vertical.

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