Do Bulbs with Security Camera Really Work?

You may be thinking to yourself: who has time for that? Well, you should. Bulbs with security cameras are an excellent way to make your home or office more secure. They can detect motion and can even send a notification to your phone! And while you might not want one every room, they’re perfect for the areas of your dwelling that are vulnerable or under constant threat, such as the garage and the front porch.

So is it worth it? Yes! The cost of installing this system in any one area will be offset by its utility in other areas of your home. If you have an area worth protecting, it’s definitely money well spent.

So let’s take a look at what is involved in getting a bulb with a camera installed. You can actually do this yourself if you are handy and know your way around electricity. How does a bulb work? It is basically the same as any other bulb that you would put in your home: glass, filament, solder, and wires. The difference is there is also a camera inside of it. It can capture images of anyone who comes into the room that has the light turned on and it sends those photos to your phone via WiFi or over wireless networks. That way you will be able to see who is in the room when you see that picture on your phone.

The bulb can send a notification to your phone by using a WiFi connection. If the bulb detects motion, it can then send the notification to your phone and text you as well. That way if it is not just people walking by, but maybe someone snooping around, you may be alerted letting you know immediately this could be an intruder.

So which bulbs should I buy? The ones that have cameras are generally priced from $200 to $600, but there are some models out there that are priced lower than that. These models don’t have all the bells and whistles that the higher-priced ones do, but they get the job done. The cameras on the higher priced bulbs stay powered off when they are not being triggered by movement or loud noises.

It is recommended that you get a model that is well over $200, though, especially if you have multiple rooms you want to protect. There are multiple models out there and each one has pros and cons: some are better suited for homes with tall ceilings while others will work better in more humid environments.

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